• Spring Ho Beauty Pageant, Hayloft Party, Talent Contest, Kids Fishing Derby

  • Spring Ho Festival, 2nd FULL weekend in July since 1972!

  • Art in the Park, Arts and Crafts, Pet Parade, Diaper Derby, County Fair

  • Spring Ho Festival, 2nd FULL weekend in July since 1972 and getting bigger each year!

  • Spring Ho t-shirts, BBQ Cookoff, Kids Day Activities, Face Painting, Water Polo

  • Spring Ho Festival, 2nd FULL weekend in July since 1972!

  • Corn Shucking, Friday Night Dance, Saturday Night Dance, Saturday 11 AM Grand Parade

  • Spring Ho Festival, 2nd FULL weekend in July since 1972 and getting bigger each year!

  • Washer Pitching, Horseshoe Pitching, 10k Run, 1 Mile Run, Class Reunions

  • Spring Ho Festival, 2nd FULL weekend in July since 1972!

  • Park Entertainment, Pull Ferry on the Creek, Plenty of parking at AmVets beside the creek.


2014 Spring Ho is Coming!
2014 Theme is "Spring Ho Dynasty, happy, happy, happy"
The 2014 Spring Ho Festival Logo, 'Spring Ho Dynasty, Happy, Happy, Happy' (since 1972, don't miss us)!
Monday, July 7th through Sunday July 13th 2014.
A Full Week of Fun, Happy, Happy, Happy!

Having fun and being happy since 1972!
The Lampasas, Texas Spring Ho Festival

The Spring Ho Grand Parade, don't miss it on Saturday July 12 at 11am!
The biggest, grandest parade around!
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What's that name?
The 10k, 5k and 1 mile run at the 2013 Spring Ho Festival in Lampasas, Texas,.... Having Fun!

The Spring Ho Festival began from an idea conceived by Lampasas residents Milton Boone and Gary Martin in 1972.
Totally supported by volunteers, Spring Ho
has evolved from its original second full weekend in July roots to now encompassing Monday through Sunday, with each day brimming over with activities.

The Spring Ho Festival continues as an all volunteer group supported not only by Lampasas and Lampasas County residents, but by those far beyond!

Consider yourself officially invited to the very next Spring Ho Festival! We believe that everyone can find a lot to like about Spring Ho!

Click here to view the photographs of the 2013 Grand Parade at the Lampasas Spring Ho Festival!
 Click here to view the 2013 Event Pictures at the Lampasas Spring Ho Festival!
What can you expect at Spring Ho?
The 2013 Spring Ho Festival in Lampasas, Texas is a Thrill a Minute event!

What is there to do, well, there's the Spring Ho Beauty Pageant, the Hayloft Party Talent Contest, the Kiddie Fishing Derby, the County Fair, the Keystone Square Museum special exhibits, the Spring Ho Carnival, a Dance Contest, the Arts & Crafts Fair, a Pet Parade, the Diaper Derby, a BBQ Cook off,...
(take a breath now)
the Spring Ho Dance on the Square in the National Registered Historic District in Downtown Lampasas, the 10K & 1mile run, a huge Spring Ho Grand Parade, Washer and horseshoe Pitching contest, and loads music, clogging, singing in the Park and in Historic Downtown Lampasas and much more!

Oh, don't forget the 10k, 5k and 1 mile run! Here's a hint, they don't call Lampasas the "Start of the Hill Country" for no reason! Come on down, you can do it!

Winning ribbons and having fun at the 2013 Spring Ho Festival in Lampasas, Texas.

Lampasas and water have always had a tumultuous relationship. The historic May 1957 flood demolished a large portion of the town of Lampasas and almost destroyed the downtown business district.

However, the beauty and benefits of the springs and Sulphur Creek far out weigh the havoc that can, and many times does result when the storm clouds gather and the creek rises!

Lampasas without Hancock Springs, Hanna Springs, Cooper Springs and hundreds of other smaller springs as well as Sulphur Creek, well, it just wouldn’t be Lampasas.

This historic May 1957 flood. Spring Ho, 2nd full weekend every July since 1972!
The World Famous Pet Parade at the 2013 Lampasas, Texas Spring Ho Festival! Come on down to Lampasas the second full weekend in July for some fun at Spring Ho. You'll love it!

Visit the spring-fed Hancock Swimming Pool (yep, bring your suit for some swimming). Visit Hancock Springs and watch as seventy gallons of water per second flows out! Don't miss the remains of the historic bathhouse and the beauty of the restored historic Hostess House. Visit beautiful historic Downtown Lampasas located in the National Registered Historic District and don't miss the fabulous art in Campbell Park!

Even if you don’t play golf, be sure and look at the prettiest golf course in Texas. You won’t believe the beauty of the golf course, the giant pecan tree’s and spring fed Sulphur Creek winding its way through it all,... wow!
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Spring Ho, in Lampasas, Texas the 2nd full weekend of July since 1972!

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